Amer. D.S. Cerpress Pressing Ring 100gram. #450250

Amer. D.S. Cerpress Pressing Ring 100gram. #450250

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Amer. D.S. Cerpress Pressing Ring 100gram. 

MPN :  450250             SKU  : AVAM290          WEIGHT : 100 Gram


Patented paperless ring system for use with all pressable ceramics. This 200 gram rings is made from the same clear material as our traditional ringless system for casting alloy. The height and volume dimensions have been specifically designed to fit all current pressing furnaces.

• Eliminates investment cracking

• Increases the green strength of investment

• No vertical crackline in the investment

• No taping (inside or outside)

• No leaking investment

• No excess investment flash

• More convenient and saves time

• Gives a perfect fitting ring, easy, and it works!