Die Spacer Refill - 1 oz

Die Spacer Refill - 1 oz

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Manufacturer : ADS

Die Spacer Refill - 1 oz   | MPN  # D750-2


Please bear with us as ADS is reformulating its Blue Die Spacer shade at this time. Our classic premium Blue coloring is no longer being made as before. The substitute is thicker and we are working on fixing this issue. Please note: if you are a long time purchaser of our "classic Blue formulation" please try one of the other shades listed below for "classic", similar results as the other color shades have not been effected.

Creating the exact spacing before wax-up is essential. Produce controlled relief of dies & consistent film thickness.

Die Spacer provides excellent uniform seating of the restorations.

Heat resistant - lies flat. Easy on your eyes.

One even coat provides approximately 12-15 microns relief. Dries in minutes.

Available in Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Cream, White, Green, Gray, or Clear.

Quantity : Die Spacer refill quantity: 1 oz.

SKU: AVAM085 /  AVAM090  /  AVAM082