Eez-Off® Mold Release Agent Refill

Eez-Off® Mold Release Agent Refill

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Manufacturer : ADS

Eez-Off® Mold Release Agent - 8 oz. Refill 

| MPN  # E 806-4  SKU : AVAM100

Eez-Off® Mold Release Agent - 32 oz. Refill ( Quart ) 

MPN  # E 806-6      SKU: AVAM101


Non-oily, non-toxic universal anti-sticking agent - No more sticky, messy tissue paper or vaseline!.

Lasts 3 times longer than can sprays.

Forms a fine, super effective releasing and lubricating film. No more vaseline!

Pleasant aroma.

Contains no silicones or chlorofluorocarbons to harm environment.

Unlimited applications.

Spray alginate impressions and flasks to release stone.

Spray elastomer impressions to release die epoxy.

Releases die pins from investment.

Apply to trays, bowls, articulators, flasks, sprue formers, sinks and counters for quick clean ups.