Acculite® Gap Fill ( Slow)/Thik ) Formula - 1/2 oz.

Acculite® Gap Fill ( Slow)/Thik ) Formula - 1/2 oz.

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Manufacture : ADS

Acculite® Gap Fill ( Slow)/Thik ) Formula - 1/2 oz.   (0.5 OZ)

MPN  # A 747-1   SKU: AVAM005

Amer. D.S. Gap Fill Acculite 1 oz

MPN : A 747-2       SKU:  AVAM006


Just a drop of Acculite will rapidly join dental materials for instant office repairs and constructions with a bond of unsurpassed strength and durability. The pinpoint applicator lets you see and place Acculite exactly where you want it.

ARTICULATING: Secure plastic articulators. Mount models with just a few drops.

ASSEMBLING: Tack wire components together before soldering or welding.

MODELS & IMPRESSIONS: Repair broken models and impression trays.

PINPOINT APPLICATORS: Accurate placement, less waste.

PIN SETTINGS: Secure dowel pins in place.

REPAIRS: Join rubber, metals, wood, glass, and most plastics in any combination.

ACCULITE GAP FILL is a thick/slow high viscosity formula. Bridges & fills small gaps. Initial setting time 2 minutes.