Pumice Deodorant® Kit Concentrate ( Lab Kit )

Pumice Deodorant® Kit Concentrate ( Lab Kit )

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Manufacturer : ADS

Pumice Deodorant® Kit Concentrate   

 | MPN P946-30         SKU : AVAM233


Pumice Deodorant® concentrate keeps lab pumice smelling fresh and clean.

Contains an effective odor destroying agent that blocks offensive smells from damp, used pumice and leaves a fresh minty scent in the pumice tray.

Non-flammable and biodegradable.

Will not damage workpiece, acrylic teeth or corrode pumice tray.

Super concentrate: 1:32.

Wet the pumice in the morning and forget pumice odor all day.

Fresh minty aroma. Long lasting.

It also comes in quart ( P 946-6 ) in size.

Quantity : Four-4 oz. Concentrate, diluting bottle, measuring cup (yields 4 gallons)