COE-CAL Dental Stone 50 lbs

COE-CAL Dental Stone 50 lbs

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Manufacturer : GC America

COE-CAL Dental Stone - 50 LB Buff  | MPN # 310150  SKU : GCG


COECAL is a hard, quick-setting, accurate laboratory stone. This product is well-known for its minimum processing change. Its excellent detail reproduction makes COECAL the choice for study and working models and flasking procedures. It is ideally suited for use with GC FUJIROCK EP. COECAL is available in two colors: buff COECAL Buff Shade Image and white COECAL White Shade Image.

Characteristics & Benefit:

  1. High strength reduces breakage and chipping.
  2. Smooth consistency for excellent reproduction of detail
  3. Low setting expansion
  4. Quick Set time increases production.