Mizzy Air Vac XQ- Vacuum Former

Mizzy Air Vac XQ- Vacuum Former

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Mizzy Air Vac XQ-Extra Quiet Precision Vacuum Former

110 Volt Air Vac (#7000470)

The powerful pressure unit provides superior adaptation for dental plastics using laboratory or operatory internal air compressors. Because the unit has no motor, it is compact and very quiet. Also, the vacuum pressure from an office compressor is usually greater than the pressure generated from smaller vacuum units. The greater the pressure, the better definition and adherence the dental appliances will have.

– Can be used to layer appliances
– Very economical when compared to its European counterparts
– Uses 5”x5” resin sheets or round resin sheets
– Available in 110 Volt 
– Symmetrical heating system
– Lightweight, rust-free aluminum frame
– Made in the U.S.A.
– 5-year warranty on parts and labor