Felt Cones for polishing

Felt Cones for polishing

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Felt Cone: Fine white wool felt buffs are polishers made for all types of polishing.

  • Durable service, even when wet
  • Ideal for mounting on appropriate tapered lathe chucks and HP mandrels

Felt Cones are available in Different sizes.

Manufacturer: Buffalo Dental

Small: No. 1C Pointed Felt Cone, 1/2" Diameter  x 1" Long

  MPN #40000           SKU : BUF01

Medium: No. 2C Pointed Felt Cone, 3/4" Diameter x 1 1/2" Long  

MPN #40010          SKU : BUF02

Large: No. 3C Pointed Felt Cone, 1" Diameter x 2" Long

  MPN# 40020          SKU : BUF03

 WEIGHT : 0.5  LB