Fill-IT® Instant Activator  4 oz. Spray Bottle

Fill-IT® Instant Activator 4 oz. Spray Bottle

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Manufacture: ADS

Fill-IT® Instant Activator 4 oz. Spray Bottle   | MPNF 680-41     SKU: AVAM119


Fill-It® Instant Activator - Universal Activator for Instant Cure of Adhesives/Cyanoacryates. Works great with Fill-It Base and Acculite adhesive/cements.

REPAIR: Repairs cracks, chips, and bubbles in any material. Apply Fill-It Base then spray with Fill-It Activator for an instant cure permitting immediate handling.

HI-VISCOSITY: Increased gap filling ability means a new freedom to fill in hollow areas and surfaces that do not precisely match. Bonds across gaps and joints.

TACKING: Tack wires and components into position before soldering or welding. Faster than acrylics or waxes.

POROUS AND DISSIMILAR MATERIALS: Bond porous and dissimilar materials together by spraying one surface with Fill-It Activator and applying Fill-It Base to the other surface, then joining.

HARDEN SURFACES: Protect fragile margins by painting with a thin cyanoacrylate base then spraying with Fill-It Activator creating a tough durable smooth finish.

Quantity: 4 oz. spray bottle