G-CERA® Ceramic pin pk of 10

G-CERA® Ceramic pin pk of 10

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Manufacturer : GC America


G-Cera Ceramica  | MPN # 334910       SKU: GCS28

Description : 

G-CERA CERAMIC PIN are high-strength ceramic pins. This product is ideally used with the refractory technique. It is strong, smooth and durable. G-CERA CERAMIC PIN can be used for an extended number of firings with all refractory systems, which will not produce an oxide layer.

  • High strength
    • Does not break or distort after repeated firings
    • It is easy to separate from refractory
  • Made of ceramic zirconia
    • Will not produce an oxide layer
    • Offers greater accuracy
    • Less clean-up time
  • Reusable
    • Virtually unlimited reusability
    • Cost effective
  • Unique design
    • Offers rounded and flat surfaces for easy removal
    • Does not rotate
  • Versatile
    • Can be used with all refractory systems
    • Does not crack refractory