GC Initial Zr-FS Porcelain Dentin D-D4, 20gm

GC Initial Zr-FS Porcelain Dentin D-D4, 20gm

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GC Initial Zr is specifically adapted for use with high strength zirconium frameworks, making them ideal for the fabrication of delicate substructures such as bridges.
  • Exactly cross-matched coefficients of thermal expansion
  • Superior aesthetics on high tensile strength zirconium frameworks
  • Very good wettability
  • Firing temperature of 810°C and short cooling times
  • Excellent adhesion and high biocompatibility
  • Conventional fixation in the patient's mouth
  • Natural-looking aesthetics

  • WEIGHT : 20 GRAM ( 0.08 LB)

    MPN : 875066

    SKU : GCZ16