GC Metal Primer II Kit

GC Metal Primer II Kit

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Manufacturer : GC America
GC Metal Primer II kit   | MPN # 000554


Package contain : 5 ml Liquid & W/brush
GC METALPRIMER II is used for bonding resin materials (composites and acrylics) to metals and alloys. It contains a special monomer (MEPS thiophosphoric methacrylate) which promotes bonding by penetrating the metal alloy and co-polymerizing with theresin to produce a mechanical and chemical resin to the metal bond. This product is effective on both precious and non-precious alloys.

One Step Resin to Metal Bonding Agents

  • MEPS Thiophosphoric Methacrylate technology
    • Produces a chemical and mechanical resin to the metal bond
    • Provides excellent bonding properties to precious and non-precious alloys
  • Superior bond
    • Improved resin to metal bond reduces the chance of microleakage
    • Improved tensile bond strength from alkane thiol molecule absorption significantly enhances the normal mechanical bond of the resin
  • Easy to use
    • Just brush GC METALPRIMER II on the prepared metal
    • It dries in seconds; apply acrylic resin or composite in the usual manner
    • No need for acid etching, tin plating or arcing the alloy
    • No need for expensive metal treating equipment
  • Versatile
    • Improves the bond of crown and bridge resin to metal for composites, resin veneers and crowns
    • Increases the bond strength of denture base resin to metal framework
    • Works on wrought wire clasps