Gradia Plus Light Body

Gradia Plus Light Body

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MPN : 901111   SKU:  GPL101

MPN :  901088    SKU : GPH01

Highly stable, light-curing nano-hybrid composite based on the ceramic-polymer technology.


  • Broad range of indication – from frame-supported up to metal-free restorations;

  • Improved aesthetics and high stability for long-lasting, durable restorations;

  • Ultra-fine fillers with very high density and homogeneous distribution for very good mechanical properties;

  • Natural appearance in lustre, translucency, chroma, opalescence and fluorescence;

  • Simple way of polishing;

  • Two viscosities (heavy body and light body) precisely adjusted to each other depending on indication and field of application;

  • Variety of gum shades for an individual reproduction of the gingiva;

  • One body materials for the quick manufacturing of monolithic restorations;

  • Lustre paint stains for internal and external colouration – easy application, natural surface shine and high abrasion resistance;

  • Rational and modular structure of the system: from classic or multi-chromatic layering to monolithic restorations;

  • Comprehensive range with lesser standard shades but individual mixing and layering technique;

  • Short polymerisation time in the multi-functional light-polymerisation unit GC Labolight Duo.