High Gloss Ortho Boxes

High Gloss Ortho Boxes

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Manufacturer : Keystone

High Gloss Ortho Boxes - Beige pkg of 12             

    | MPN # 9574460       SKU :  NKO10

 High Gloss Ortho Boxes - Red pkg of 12                 

  | MPN #  9575105       SKU: NKO10a

High Gloss Ortho Boxes - Light Blue pkg of 12       

  | MPN # 9575115       SKU:   NKO10b

High Gloss Ortho Boxes - Green pkg of 12               

| MPN #  9575125       SKU:  NKO10c


High Gloss Ortho Boxes are perfect for storing mouthguards, retainers, bleaching trays and splints. Made of flexible plastic (polypropylene), the box has a hinge design and secure latching system to ensure maximum protection. Ideal for patients with removable appliances, the box is 3/4-inch (19 mm) deep.

We also provide personal imprinting for this product. On a 1” (25.4 mm) in size box there is room for a name and phone number. Logos can also be printed, but you must mail or email a black and white original version of the logo. We have a variety of print colors, although, we recommend gold or black.