GC Initial IQ-One Body - LOM (One Body Concept, Layering-Over-Metal)

GC Initial IQ-One Body - LOM (One Body Concept, Layering-Over-Metal)

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GC Initial IQ-One Body - LOM

Manufacturer : GC America

Initial IQ-One Body, Lom-A 50g  | MPN # 872560   SKU: GLB001

Initial IQ-One Body, Lom-B 50g  | MPN # 872561   SKU:  GLB002

Initial IQ-One Body, Lom-C 50g  | MPN # 872562   SKU:  GLB003

Initial IQ-One Body, Lom-D 50g  | MPN # 872563   SKU: GLB004

Quantity: 50g Each (O.15 LB)

GC Initial IQ – One Body, Layering-over-Metal is a GC Initial concept that enables dental technicians to achieve simple and economical reproduction of standard Vita shades by application of a single layer. This product is a true one powder-built ceramic without compromising aesthetics. Through the development of the Initial IQ- One Body- Layering Concept, GC can now offer a compact ceramic set for the fast and easy reproduction of the standard Vita shades. This new system enables technicians to reproduce the same aesthetic results time and again with fewer materials. The secret is: 4 new Body materials, which can be combined with the proven three-dimensional Lustre Pastes.

  • Crown build-up with only one powder allows full attention to shaping and function.
  • Fast reproduction of standard Vita® shades, following the "Paint by numbers" with Lustre Pastes
  • Total compatibility with the existing MC/Initial range and many alloys
  • Saves time and increases productivity by using one powder.
  • Can be used as an excellent starter module for new ceramists.