Kontakt® Kit

Kontakt® Kit

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Kontakt® Kit   ( Specify color)                   | MPN H711-1

Kontakt Kit - Red 1oz & Thinner 1 oz.        | MPN  # H711-1

Kontakt Kit - Green 1oz & Thinner 1 oz.     | MPN  # H711-1

Kontakt Kit - Blue  1oz & Thinner 1 oz.       | MPN  # H711-1

Kontakt Kit - White 1oz & Thinner 1 oz.     | MPN  # H711-1


Manufacturer : ADS


Detect high spots and tight spots when seating castings and articulating. Saves time and destructive grinding during adjustments on dies. Provides high-contrast, accurate, crisp markings on die materials, stones, waxes, and metals.

Kontakt dries in seconds and forms a fine, adherent, transfer dye film on polished gold, non-precious alloys, acrylic resins, inlays and onlays, die materials, cast metal crowns, clasps, porcelain teeth and crowns, waxes, stones, and attachments.

Will not stain porcelain, contaminate metal, or affect denture resins or teeth. Easy removal with water and a soft bristle brush.

Specify color : Red, Green, Blue, or White

Kit Includes : 1 oz. Color Indicator and 1 oz. Thinner