Medit i500

Medit i500

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An open system for integrated CAD/CAM workflow allows for the export of STL files for easy file transfer and thus optimized collaboration

Impressive Speed

Intelligent scan-detecting algorithm with two high-speed cameras for quick and efficient intraoral scanning


No need for powder in most regular cases, allowing for a seamless scanning process and increased patient comfort

High Accuracy
  In vitro* In vivo**
Trueness Precision
Single 5.3μm ± 0.34 3.2μm ± 0.49 10μm
Quadrant 17.3μm ± 0.43 6.3μm ± 0.63 25μm
Full arch 21.0μm ± 1.48 22.6μm ± 7.55



Small tip

Simpler maneuverability and improved patient comfort while scanning are the advantages of i500’s small tip

Single button control

No need to reach for the computer as the user can start, stop, and move to the next scanning stage by pressing a single button on the device

High resolution

Easy to locate margin lines and undercuts as well as distinction between tooth structure and soft tissue thanks to realistic high-resolution images

Vivid color

3D full color streaming capture for precise scans and detail-rich images

Video type

3D-in-motion video technology that allows for rapid video-based scans without worrying about choppy results


Our i500 intraoral scanner only weighs 280 grams and is exceptionally easy to hold, making the scanning process comfortable


Category Description
Tip Size 19 x 15.2 mm (WxH)
Overall Handpiece Length 266 mm
Weight 280g (0.8 LB )
Imaging technology 3S-in-motion video technology
Color 3D full color streaming capture
Connectivity USB 3.0
Scanning Area 14 x 13 mm