NATURE-CRYL MC Powder & Liquid

NATURE-CRYL MC Powder & Liquid

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Manufacturer : GC America

Nature-cryl MC Powder & Liquid 1lb  MPN :349660  SKU:  GCB02

Nature-cryl MC Powder 1 lb      MPN      SKU : GCB03

Nature-cryl MC Powder 5lb               | MPN  # 349676   SKU: GCB04-1

Nature-cryl MC Liquid 8 oz                | MPN  # 349659   SKU : GCB05

Nature-cryl MC Liquid 32oz               | MPN  # 349679  SKU : GCB06

Description : 

NATURE-CRYL MC is a denture acrylic resin specially created for microwave curing. This product assures that all high quality, precision dentures can be cured in just three minutes in a household microwave oven. Its unique plastic flask allows for more economical denture production. The product's computer-assisted shade matching assures aesthetically accurate upper and lower dentures, partial dentures, relines and repairs with all NATURE-CRYL system shades.

  • 3-Minute microwave curing
    • No air bubbles or porosity
    • Quick and convenient
    • Accurate fit
  • Low water absorption
    • No staining or color change
    • High strength with excellent physical properties
  • The 8 natural shades of the NATURE-CRYL system provide a comprehensive range of tissue colors
    • Includes 4 of the most popular “pink” shades (characterized with fibers)
    • Includes the 3 unique COE-LOR ethnic shades to mimic heavily pigmented oral tissue
    • It is also available in a clear shade
    • Cadmium-free