NOVACRYL – Acrylic Tooth Self-Curing by New Static

NOVACRYL – Acrylic Tooth Self-Curing by New Static

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Novacryl. Self-Curing Acrylic Resins

Manufacturer: Zubler 

is used for repair and temporary restorations, Crowns and Bridges. The formulation of Novacryl Self-Curing Tooth Shaded Acrylics allows for reproduction of natural Tooth color wherever desired in Acrylic Dental Restorations. It is easy to trim and polish and is available in all A1-D4 shades. The addition of Light and Dark Incisal shades allows you to create the most natural esthetics possible. 

 Self-polymerized Acrylic (Type II)Poly (methyl-methacrylate). Pigments.

 characteristics of self-polymerized:

  •  The period of time required for the repairing of different acrylic structures. This product allows an optimum working time for its manipulation.
  • It allows an easy polishing to recover its gloss.
  •  It does not require heat treatment for its polymerization process.
  • The polymer-monomer ratio is used as indicated, in order to avoid the possible vertical and linear contractions of the acrylic structure.
  • This mixture allows a work time from 3 to 5 minutes approximately, at a room temperature of 23ºC ±2.
  • This mixture has a self-polymerizing average time of 10 minutes approximately. These intervals can vary according to the room temperature of the site.
  • Novacryl®, self- polymerized Powder life is Four (4) years.


Shade A1#NSP-P17890

 Shade A2#NSP-P17891

Shade A3# NSP-17903

Shade A3.5 #NSP-17892

Shade A4 #NSP-17893

Shade B1 #NSP-178904

Shade B2 #NSP-17894

Shade B3 # NSP-17895

Shade B4#NSP-17896,

Shade C1#NSP-17897

Shade C2#NSP-178900

Shade C3# NSP-

Shade C4#NSP-17905

Shade D2# NSP-17899

Shade D3 # NSP-17901

Shade D4 #NSP-17889

Shade Incisal Dark # NSP-17908