Safety Scrub® Antiseptic Hand Lotion - Gallon

Safety Scrub® Antiseptic Hand Lotion - Gallon

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Manufacturer : ADS

Safety Scrub® Antiseptic Hand Lotion - Gallon   ( 8.5 lb )

MPN S264-8     SKU: AVAM188


Powerful Cleaning Action: Residual bacteriostatic protection steadily increases with regular use.

Reduces skin microflora at least 50% after one application.

Recommended for your lab or office infection control program.

Non-irritating, gentle for repeated use.

Formulated with emollients for soft silky skin.

Effective in hard water. Pleasant floral scent.

Proven Effectiveness: Contains a laboratory tested, broad spectrum, antimicrobial agent.

Effective against a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria as well as fungi and yeasts.

Recommended as a component of any infection control program.

Quantity : 1 Gallon