TCS EZ Flow (Separator for Thermoplastics) 16oz

TCS EZ Flow (Separator for Thermoplastics) 16oz

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Manufacturer : TCS

TCS EZ Flow separator 16oz  | MPN # 4217-01      SKU: TCE01


TCS E-Z Flow was developed as an easy-to-use separator for processing thermoplastics. 

Applying an even coat of separator is often a tedious job, furthermore, the improper application of separator often creates cracks in thermoplastic partials as the separator accumulates during the injection process. 

The E-Z Flow completely eliminates this problem, additionally, the partials come out shiny and clean, free of stone stuck to the partial. 

The finishing time of a thermoplastic is significantly reduced. 

This separator is for use with thermoplastics ONLY. 
Do not use with Acrylics.
WEIGHT :  16oz. Bottle