TCS iFlex / Large / Shade - Pink - 25mm

TCS iFlex / Large / Shade - Pink - 25mm

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Manufacturer : TCS

iFlex by TCS / Large / Shade (1) Light Pink - 25mm     

     | MPN # 5005-01/L1    SKU : TCF10

iFlex by TCS / Large / Shade (2) Standard Pink - 25mm 

   | MPN # 5005-01/L2    SKU: TCF10A

iFlex by TCS / Large / Shade (3) Light/Dark Pink - 25mm  |

MPN #  5005-01/L3  SKU: TCF31


iFlex™ is a highly translucent, polyolefin thermoplastic popular for its simplicity to finish and polish among dental technicians and its resistance to stains and easy maintenance among patients.  iFlex™ offers an ideal degree of flexibility and allows for a durable, lightweight, and modern flexible partial. 

iFlex™ can be repaired with re-injection. Small repairs, air bubbles, clasps and 1 tooth additions can be made with the Hot Air Welder or the JP90 injector.

  • Highly translucent, polyolefin thermoplastic 
  • Aesthetic properties – manufactured to blend naturally with a patient’s surrounding tissue and gums 
  • Clinically unbreakable due to its unique properties 
  • Offers an ideal degree of flexibility (flexibility may vary depending on the thickness of the partial)
  • Stain resistant and biocompatible 
  • A modern fit, lightweight, and durable 
  • Easy chairside adjustments 
  • Easy to finish and polish
  • Repairable and rebasable