Vericore ZR HTX Discs

Vericore ZR HTX Discs

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Manufacturer : Whip Mix Corporation

Vericore ZR HTX 20mm BL    | MPN # 74147

Vericore ZR HTX 14mm BL    | MPN # 74144

Vericore ZR HTX 20mm B1    | MPN # 74154

Vericore ZR HTX 14mm B1    | MPN # 74151

Vericore ZR HTX 25mm A3    | MPN # 74127

Vericore ZR HTX 20mm A2    | MPN # 74120

Vericore ZR HTX 20mm A1    | MPN # 74113

Vericore ZR HTX 16mm A1    | MPN # 74111


ZR HTX is perfect for a full contour anterior crown or short bridge. It mirrors the translucency of lithium disilicate, but with a higher flexural strength (670 MPa). Create a beautiful monolithic restoration and make the patient very happy. The challenge of choosing between strength and beauty has been met head on and the result is Vericore ZR PRO. This new class of zirconia features a more natural, vital appearance and is also very strong at up to 1,140 MPa. From single anterior or posterior crowns to multi-unit bridgework, you will feel comfortable with using this material anywhere in the mouth.