Zhermack GingiFast - Elastic  A Silicon

Zhermack GingiFast - Elastic A Silicon

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MPN# C401500     SKU : ZHM01

Manufacturer : Zhermack

Zhermack GingiFast - Elastic   


#1 Best seller for crown & bridge laboratories.

Gingi-fast addition silicones are conceived to reproduce gingival morphology on models in fixed prosthesis and implant applications. Zhermack proposes the most suitable gum mask for all types of application.

Gingi-fast Elastic guarantees excellent aesthetic results, thanks to its translucence and the presence of fibrils to give a natural effect. Particularly suitable in the presence of undercuts and thin thicknesses.

Includes: 2 x 50 ml cartridges + 1 Gingi-fast Separator bottle 10 ml + 12 yellow mixing tips + 12 yellow intraoral tips + 1 spray